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Time to start talking about steroids in the NHL

Even with Ray Lewis’ admission that he used Deer Antler Spray and the Baseball Hall of Fame Committee’s recent shutout of PED users, the NHL has still managed to avoid the steroid question. Nobody wants to believe their favorite player … Continue reading

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Military suicide at an all-time high, surpass combat deaths in 2012

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and various congressmen have now classified the record high number of military suicides last year an “epidemic.” Experts blame the rising trend – which took 349 lives in 2012 alone – on Iraq and Afghanistan veterans … Continue reading

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Grandma dance-off takes Grand Central Station

There are no words. [Via Gothamist]

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Bookshelf Porn

Imagine a version of Pinterest that only accepted photos of gorgeous bookshelves. Book Shelf Porn is a photo collage made up entirely of reader submissions, like a Flickr designed to make reading nerds jealous. Whether it’s because of a small … Continue reading

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Watch The Replacements documentary ‘Color Me Obsessed’ online now

After two decades of near silence The Replacements have shown signs of life. Earlier this year lead singer Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson collaborated on a benefit EP for Slim Dunlap and even hinted at a possible ‘Mats reunion, an … Continue reading

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One dot for every person in the United States

So this is pretty cool. Yesterday Boing Boing linked to a Census Dotmap, which places one dot for each of the 308,450,225 people documented by the 2010 census. It was made by cartographer Brandon M. Anderson because he “wanted an … Continue reading

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Gotham Evening Post: If Norman Rockwell was a Batman fan

Geek Art Gallery has assembled a gallery of Saturday Evening Post covers that would’ve been famous if Norman Rockwell was more interested in Batman than Americana. Picture The Joker overseeing Thanksgiving dinner instead of Grandpa and Boy Wonder instead of … Continue reading

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