Watch The Replacements documentary ‘Color Me Obsessed’ online now

The Replacements

After two decades of near silence The Replacements have shown signs of life. Earlier this year lead singer Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson collaborated on a benefit EP for Slim Dunlap and even hinted at a possible ‘Mats reunion, an idea that would have been virtually unthinkable not long before. Now Color Me Obsessed, the documentary about the band, is streaming for free in its entirety on YouTube.

Rolling Stone interviewed Westerberg in October’s issue, asking the songwriter if he’d seen the movie yet.

“I did,” Westerberg said. “I recognized most of the people, and some of them I thought, How dare you, you shameful so and so? Why don’t you get a life? I was embarrassed by it more than anything, I guess. Wouldn’t you be, if a movie described every little intricate thing about your life? That thing, the R band, the ‘Mats, they don’t even really belong to us anymore.”

Take it away, Spin:

The film focuses on “the potentially true story of the most influential, always drunk, self-destructive, and yet frighteningly brilliant rock band of all time as told through the eyes of their fans, followers, and fellow musicians.” More than 140 interviews were conducted in order to flesh out the Replacements’ story, and those that made the cut include Tommy Ramone, Hüsker Dü’s Grant Hart and Greg Norton (for whom it is always Movember), the Decemberists’ Colin Meloy and the Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, among others. The DVD includes more than six hours of additional material, from deleted scenes to commentary tracks to a handful of unedited interviews, but the two hours you can get for free are a good place to start.

Hit full screen and enjoy.

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