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Improve your Wifi connection with a beer can

  [Via Mashable]

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Where The Internet Lives: Google releases previously top secret photos from inside data centers

For the first time in Google’s 14-year history the company has published dozens of rare pictures from major data centers around the world. Where the Internet Lives is a (color coordinated) glimpse into how Google indexes 20 billion websites, 3 … Continue reading

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Writing for Free: Credibility and Practicality in the Blogosphere

  The term “blogosphere” has been used so often and in so many ways that word is on the verge of losing all meaning. “Blog” no longer refers to something written by “someone in their basement” with no credibility. Today, … Continue reading

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Anonymous Documentary ‘We Are Legion’ Comes Out Next Month

As often as Anonymous is in the news, not many media outlets seem to have a very firm grasp on what the hacker collective is all about. First making a new for themselves by breaking into Sarah Palin’s personal email … Continue reading

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