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Gotham Evening Post: If Norman Rockwell was a Batman fan

Geek Art Gallery has assembled a gallery of Saturday Evening Post covers that would’ve been famous if Norman Rockwell was more interested in Batman than Americana. Picture The Joker overseeing Thanksgiving dinner instead of Grandpa and Boy Wonder instead of … Continue reading

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Designer sells custom wall art in the style of New York City subway signs

Aside from the smell of urine everywhere and the sight of rats running around on the tracks the most recognizable thing about the New York City subway system might be its signs. White Helvetica font is splayed everywhere across the … Continue reading

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Art based on the ‘advice’ from advertising clients; Don Draper would be proud

Anyone who has seen a few episodes of Mad Men knows the biggest problem with advertising is clients. Sales representatives from big companies only get in the way of people like Don Draper. Now, though, designers and illustrators have united … Continue reading

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Some absolutely killer Wes Anderson art

Bad Dads: Royal Tenenbaum by Oliver Barrett We Are Legion by Aaron Jasinski Fantastic Mr. Fox by Michael de Pippo Rushmore Beekeepers – Jesse Riggle Life Aquatic by Tracy Ching The Royal Tenenbaums by Joshua Budich Moonrise Kingdom by Dave … Continue reading

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