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History of ‘The Blues Brothers’ in Vanity Fair’s comedy issue

Most of the attention on Vanity Fair’s comedy issue deservedly focused on the magazine’s oral history of Freaks and Geeks. Among the unsung stories of the issue, on newsstands now with previews available to read online, is the genesis of … Continue reading

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Phil Hartman’s “Saturday Night Live” Audition Tape

  One of the all-time greats.

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Jerry Seinfeld’s “Oz” skit

Below is a clip I found on YouTube from a ’90s SNL where Jerry Seinfeld enters the world of Oz. It’s a hilarious way to end the weekend.

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Bon Iver’s Weekend

I know he has legions of fans but for me Bon Iver sums up everything bad about indie music. The music is bland, too long, self-indulgent, and really boring. Regardless of how much of a snooze he is, this is … Continue reading

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Is Lana Del Rey Really That Bad?

Lana Del Rey is a breaking new singer that has been all over the Internet for the past little while. Her album isn’t due out for another couple weeks but she has already appeared on Saturday Night Live. Her performance … Continue reading

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