Judd Apatow on pure comic rage

There’s something inherently funny about watching someone lose all semblance of self-control when they flip out. Comedians like Chris Farley and Adam Sandler made careers on playing people who might (hysterically) lose it at any moment and Bill O’Reilly’s freak out gained so much steam online that he eventually had to address it on his show.

During an interview on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn this week Judd Apatow admitted his affection for pure comic rage, and the idea that it’s something everyone has lurking beneath their exterior, was a driving influence behind his new movie, This is 40.

“When people start snapping it makes me laugh. I like showing terrible communication skills – you can love someone so much and just be the worst fighter and say the most hurtful things…The first sketch that people saw Will Ferrell in was him at a barbecue screaming to just get off the shed,” Apatow said. “That always makes me laugh. I think that people – my therapist used to call it getting fragmented – but people going off the rails is always amusing to me, and what comes out when you stop censoring yourself and all your little demons start talking directly to the other person. Everything you should keep quiet spills. I like those kinds of scenes and I think in the history of romantic comedies people try to smooth out those rough edges and make it seem creamy and romantic…but I like when things go into painful truth.”


Here’s the clip of Apatow on Bullseye:

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