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ESPN president admits amount of Tebow coverage has been a mistake

ESPN’s overwhelming Tim Tebow coverage looks to be trending downward after network president John Skipper said he told producers to take it back a notch following criticism from Doug Gottlieb Former ESPN analyst Doug Gottlieb evidently lit a fire under … Continue reading

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Risking it all in Syria to become a war correspondent

Sometimes people carry out certain tasks and are called “brave,” while “stupid,” “naïve,” and “psychotic” would apply just as well. For war correspondents looking to cut their teeth in the field, sometimes all those words mean the same thing. That’s … Continue reading

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Writing for Free: Credibility and Practicality in the Blogosphere

  The term “blogosphere” has been used so often and in so many ways that word is on the verge of losing all meaning. “Blog” no longer refers to something written by “someone in their basement” with no credibility. Today, … Continue reading

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‘State of the Hockey Media’ Discussion at the Blogs With Balls conference in Toronto

This is the panel we’ve all been waiting for. Toronto’s Blogs With Balls conference was good enough to host the “State of the Hockey Media” discussion over the weekend and, aside from all the dreary lockout talk, it’s an engaging … Continue reading

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Mr. Rogers Defends PBS In A 1969 Senate Hearing

  Public broadcasting takes up $445 million out of an annual U.S. budget, good enough for 1/100th of a single percentage point of the $3.5 trillion federal budget. Neil deGrasse Tyson compared the elimination of the funding to deleting text … Continue reading

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‘The Art of Film & TV Title Design’

The Off The Book web series by PBS is a creative techie’s dream. Along with describing the thought that goes into title designs, something we see everyday but never think about, Off The Book has videos that delve into web … Continue reading

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Mike Francesa Falls Asleep Mid-Interview

He even bores himself.

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