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Risking it all in Syria to become a war correspondent

Sometimes people carry out certain tasks and are called “brave,” while “stupid,” “naïve,” and “psychotic” would apply just as well. For war correspondents looking to cut their teeth in the field, sometimes all those words mean the same thing. That’s … Continue reading

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Underground fight clubs in the Bronx

Last month in Vice Magazine MMA journalist Jim Genia put down in writing what most people will never see. Genia was able to document his first person experiences at underground mixed martial arts bouts in the Bronx. New York is … Continue reading

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Hunter S. Thompson on Letterman in 1988

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Sci-Fi writer learns to sword fight in China

Cooper Woo was helping his buddy Neal Stephenson write a book when their group of friends fell into the habit of modern sword fighting. The book, which would later be published as a serial novel called Mongoliad, was about a … Continue reading

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Writing for Free: Credibility and Practicality in the Blogosphere

  The term “blogosphere” has been used so often and in so many ways that word is on the verge of losing all meaning. “Blog” no longer refers to something written by “someone in their basement” with no credibility. Today, … Continue reading

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‘State of the Hockey Media’ Discussion at the Blogs With Balls conference in Toronto

This is the panel we’ve all been waiting for. Toronto’s Blogs With Balls conference was good enough to host the “State of the Hockey Media” discussion over the weekend and, aside from all the dreary lockout talk, it’s an engaging … Continue reading

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Kurt Vonnegut’s letter to a school board that banned his books

Yesterday Chuck Klosterman  tweeted a link to a website called Letters of Note, which publishes particularly interesting letters from throughout history. There’s a bunch of great ones and it’s one of those sites where you think to yourself “Damn what … Continue reading

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