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Risking it all in Syria to become a war correspondent

Sometimes people carry out certain tasks and are called “brave,” while “stupid,” “naïve,” and “psychotic” would apply just as well. For war correspondents looking to cut their teeth in the field, sometimes all those words mean the same thing. That’s … Continue reading

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Writing for Free: Credibility and Practicality in the Blogosphere

  The term “blogosphere” has been used so often and in so many ways that word is on the verge of losing all meaning. “Blog” no longer refers to something written by “someone in their basement” with no credibility. Today, … Continue reading

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The Honesty Behind the “This American Life” Retraction

Last night This American Life released an entire episode of their show devoted to clearing up the news that they originally reported false information in episode 454, “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory.”  In episode 454 TAL excerpted a part … Continue reading

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