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Recording the authentic sounds of ‘Lincoln’

Lincoln is sure to see an influx of ticket sales as moviegoers hit theaters in the north and south to avoid holiday conversations. What’s less obvious than Daniel Day-Lewis’ awesome performance as the 16th president, though, is the ambient sounds … Continue reading

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Coast Guard footage from HMS Bounty rescue; Perished crew member distantly related to mutineer Fletcher Christian

Sixteen people were onboard the replica of the HMS Bounty when Hurricane Sandy sunk the ship Monday afternoon in Portsmouth, VA (about 90 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, NC). The Coast Guard reported that at the time of the dramatic … Continue reading

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Operation Acoustic Kitty

One of the toughest trials the CIA agents faced during the Cold War was their lack of access to the Soviet Union’s compound in Washington D.C. Even though the government spent untold millions of taxpayer dollars experimenting with spy planes … Continue reading

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Famous Photos Colorized

Images via facesofthecivilwar.blogspot.com and Sanna Dullaway’s My Grapefruit. You can find another list on BuzzFeed.

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Hitler suffered from “uncontrollable flatulence,” cocaine addiction

Last month Hitler’s medical records went up for auction and included in the previously classified documents was testimony from six doctors that the dictator was a cocaine addict, was regularly injected with bull semen, and suffered from “uncontrollable flatulence.” All … Continue reading

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New evidence could solve Amelia Earhart mystery

For 75 years Amelia Earhart’s fate has been a mystery. During flight around the world that would have lasted around 29,000 miles she and her navigator Fred Noonan disappeared. When flying over the Pacific, Noonan and Earhart were low on … Continue reading

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“Hatfields & McCoys” is a step in the right direction for the History Channel, backwards

This week the History Channel took a major step in the right direction, backwards. The channel that in recent years has delved into reality shows like American Pickers, Swamp People, and Ice Road Truckers took back its rightful place as … Continue reading

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