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Art based on the ‘advice’ from advertising clients; Don Draper would be proud

Anyone who has seen a few episodes of Mad Men knows the biggest problem with advertising is clients. Sales representatives from big companies only get in the way of people like Don Draper. Now, though, designers and illustrators have united … Continue reading

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Media Savvy Oreo Cookie, AMC Theatres Twitter Accounts Goof Off

Earlier this week there was some good old fashioned trolling going on on Twitter between Oreo cookies and AMC movie theatres.  The messages, retweeted hundreds of times by now, show that brands able to use social media come off a … Continue reading

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‘The West Wing’ Cast Reunites For Campaign Ad

Avoiding the arrogance and hostility that pervades election season is impossible to ignore, but the best way to weather the storm might be to watch The West Wing. Aaron Sorkin’s political drama is an idealized vision of life on Capitol … Continue reading

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