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Judd Apatow on pure comic rage

There’s something inherently funny about watching someone lose all semblance of self-control when they flip out. Comedians like Chris Farley and Adam Sandler made careers on playing people who might (hysterically) lose it at any moment and Bill O’Reilly’s freak … Continue reading

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When Improv Everywhere set up a megaphone in New York City’s Union Square Park

Improv Everywhere is almost a New York City commune that organizes pranks designed to wake New Yorkers up from their day-to-day drudgery. Led by UCB performer Charlie Todd, the group is probably best known for setting up the No-Pants Subway … Continue reading

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Maria Bamford’s latest comedy special was performed only in front of her parents, watch for $5

Maria Bamford isn’t as well known as her fellow Comedians of Comedy Zack Galafianakis, Patton Oswalt, and Brian Posehn but her Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome album may one day be one the same plane as specials like Bill Cosby: Himself and … Continue reading

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The story of ‘Seinfeld’ and the famous Buddy Rich tapes

The famous Buddy Rich tapes went viral before there was an Internet. Rich, who today is regarded as one of the best Big Band drummers the world has ever seen, would perform with his bands onstage and when they didn’t … Continue reading

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Nicest person ever Amy Poehler takes on teenage girls in ‘Ask Amy’ web series

As if Amy Poehler couldn’t get any cooler she now has a web series where she takes questions from teenage girls and uploads an answer to YouTube. They’re really not meant to be funny at all but there’s something that’s … Continue reading

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Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards Get Serious On “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”

Last night’s season finale of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee went further than the usual yuk-yuk’s between Jerry Seinfeld and his buddies in favor of some serious catharsis. The show, which released once a week, centers around Jerry and one … Continue reading

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Watch Gallagher Smash A Watermelon In Slow-Mo

The 1980s comedy titan that was Gallagher has, in recent years, revealed himself to be a bigoted and entitled old hack. He’s the definition of an old coot, now better known on the Internet for storming out of his WTF … Continue reading

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