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Bookshelf Porn

Imagine a version of Pinterest that only accepted photos of gorgeous bookshelves. Book Shelf Porn is a photo collage made up entirely of reader submissions, like a Flickr designed to make reading nerds jealous. Whether it’s because of a small … Continue reading

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‘In Cold Blood’ killers suspected in Florida murders from 1959

Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood made Perry Smith and Richard Hickock famous for the disturbing murders of the Clutter family, who were killed in the middle of the night at home in a quiet Kansas farmhouse. Smith and Hickock drove … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi writer learns to sword fight in China

Cooper Woo was helping his buddy Neal Stephenson write a book when their group of friends fell into the habit of modern sword fighting. The book, which would later be published as a serial novel called Mongoliad, was about a … Continue reading

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How Hitler Brainwashed Germany

I really hope the FBI isn’t monitoring my computer. Since I started reading Erik Larson’s book In the Garden of Beasts I’ve probably spent as much time looking up old Nazi pictures as I have on Facebook. Throughout the book, … Continue reading

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Chuck Klosterman at NYC’s Union Square

A journey deep into the heart of Manhattan to hear one of the generation’s most popular writers discuss his work. Tonight, author and journalist extraordinaire Chuck Klosterman appeared at the Barnes and Noble in New York City’s Union Square. He … Continue reading

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AJ Jacobs’ “How Healthy Living Nearly Killed Me” Speech

In April AJ Jacobs released his newest book where he experiments with the human experience. Drop Dead Healthy is  the chronicle of Jacobs’ year plus long experiment in following the exact advice of health experts. One of the most surprising … Continue reading

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Where Creativity Comes From

Yesterday, I was writing an article about the NHL playoffs but didn’t have a clue about where to start. I was sitting at my desk looking at stats and slamming down cups of coffee but nothing was hitting. Then, I … Continue reading

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