Thank you for reading; ‘When You Put It That Way’ has moved

When You Put It That Way’s inception in December of 2011 was the final product of a series of conversations, first over a Skype connection and then over beers in a shitty North Buffalo apartment. The content has always been all over the map – both in terms of focus and, honestly, quality. But somehow this goofy blog opened the door to work with other websites and a move to New York City, where I stumbled my way into an awesome internship and a job in one of the fastest-dying industries there is.

I’ve finally started a new site – – where I’ll be posting consistently again. Hosting my own page allows more creativity with the layout and a credibility that didn’t seem possible here. Some of the best posts from the site you’re reading now will be revised and recycled, while hopefully we can all just pretend the worst (cough, cough) never happened.

Thanks to my girlfriend, friends, family, blog followers, and anyone who has ever bookmarked, liked the Facebook page, or re-tweeted my links. Any upswing in interest has been really helpful and genuinely appreciated. I remember all the nice words and suggestions. Seriously, thank you.


If you have any suggestions for the new site (which is coming along slower than I’d hoped so please bear with me) let me know on Twitter (@JeffStone500) or at

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One Response to Thank you for reading; ‘When You Put It That Way’ has moved

  1. Joan says:

    I am glad you kept the same name and am looking forward to reading blog again

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