When Improv Everywhere set up a megaphone in New York City’s Union Square Park


Improv Everywhere is almost a New York City commune that organizes pranks designed to wake New Yorkers up from their day-to-day drudgery. Led by UCB performer Charlie Todd, the group is probably best known for setting up the No-Pants Subway Ride and for popularizing flash mobs. In August of 2011 they set up a podium in the middle of Union Square, the area of Lower Manhattan with the heaviest foot traffic. On the podium was a megaphone – permanently turned on – attached to a simple instruction: “Say Something Nice.”

Find out more about Improv Everywhere on the website or waste an hour laughing once you turn on the Improv Everywhere YouTube channel. It looks like Charlie Todd is scheduling another No-Pants Subway Ride for January 13.

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