Help this fan fund a documentary about the hapless Buffalo Bills


Former Editor in Chief of National Lampoon Scott Rubin is trying to make a movie about his lifelong obsession, and depression, with the Buffalo Bills. The team (of which this writer is also a fan of, Gilmore looks okay this year, right?) is a notorious bummer since losing four straight Super Bowls in the mid-1990s. Because of the futility that’s come in the twenty years since, we Bills fans still can’t shut the hell up about Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith.

Rubin is looking for some help, though, and if you want you can join in by donating a couple bucks to his Kickstarter page, on which he writes:

Losing It promises to seek answers to my addiction to cellar dwelling — but this noble quest is more than just about me. I will travel to various drought-prone cities and connect with other winning-challenged junkies: Chicago Cubs fans, Vancouver Canucks fans, Cleveland Cavaliers fans, Cleveland Browns fans and Cleveland Indians fans and I’ll deliver: I will consult with scientists, addiction specialists, psychologists, aversion therapists, priests, rabbis, past-life regressionists, Kabbalists, witch doctors… I may even attempt to change my allegiance to a winning franchise, whatever it takes… I’ll attend Roller Derby matches and American Kennel shows, anything where a winning team might stick.

Let’s hope it works out.

Thanks, Carlos Santos

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1 Response to Help this fan fund a documentary about the hapless Buffalo Bills

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds like a first world problem.

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