Underground fight clubs in the Bronx

Last month in Vice Magazine MMA journalist Jim Genia put down in writing what most people will never see. Genia was able to document his first person experiences at underground mixed martial arts bouts in the Bronx. New York is one of the few states to still have pro MMA banned but, if you have the right phone number, there seems to be no shortage of authentic ass kicking.

Go to any fight in Las Vegas or Atlantic City and the attraction’s always what happens in the cage, and it’s always advertised beforehand. At a UCL show, you never know what you’re going to get. You might see a crazy-eyed busboy who freaks out mid-bout and storms off, and then in a couple weeks, makes the papers for going berserk in a subway station and carving up a stranger with a power tool. Or you might see a massive black dude, tattooed from lobes to toes, who looks like an extra from 300 but gets flattened in seconds. Or maybe you’ll watch a kid break his thigh bone so it bends impossibly at the middle and get carted from the ring on a folding table and carried to the back, where he waits 25 minutes for the ambulance to arrive.

Read the entire article at Vice or find more at Genia’s blog.

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