Eddy Current Suppression Ring – ‘Which Way to Go’


“Which Way To Go” is one of the most popular songs to come out of the still-developing Australian rock scene, where the bands seem more interested in having fun and aping the Sex Pistols than worrying about which part of Brooklyn they’ll live in. Eddy Current Suppression Ring has most often been compared to Royal Headache, another bunch of soul-punkers that wouldn’t sound out of place onstage at CBGBs sandwiched between Blondie and Television.

The latest issue of SPIN magazine described this video eloquently.

Back in the summer of 2008, a motoric-loving, mostly unknown Australian garage punk band named Eddy Current Suppression Ring posted a music video for “Which Way  to Go,” from their second album, Primary Colours, to YouTube. Merely a clip of the foursome playing an impromptu set to friends and strangers on a beach outside their native Melbourne, it practically glowed. The eaves, the dancing, the sun-damaged locals and volleyball at dusk – if, for whatever reason, you thought rock n’ roll had exhausted its angles, here was a simple, infectious song and a simple, compelling visual capable of restoring faith in the music’s pleasures and possibilities, in its magic.
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