RJDJ, new ‘augmented reality’ app, provides soundtrack based on cell phone GPS

Smartphones have been criticized because their GPS capabilities make it possible for cell phone companies to track customers at all times. Now, though, app designers have recognized the potential iPhones have by combining someone’s information location with their music listening habits. RjDj is a new program developed with a “reactive music” concept. The app records its surroundings and is able to play back the sound, with the user able to make their own stamp on it.

The technology is still new but something that sheds some light on what could be limitless potential. On his public radio show 99% Invisible Roman Mars described RjDj’s idea as a “tantalizing” opportunity for an audio augmented reality.

“Imagine what it could be. The world could become a playground for interaction designers,” Mars said on his show.

“I imagine walking through San Francisco listening to a mashed up compilation of punk and hip hop that gives me a history of the neighborhood I’m walking through. The GPS will trigger a sound clip from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo when I pass through Nob Hill. And the tempo will speed up as I stumble out of the way of an annoying bike messenger and into way of an unsuspecting cable car.”


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