Where The Internet Lives: Google releases previously top secret photos from inside data centers

For the first time in Google’s 14-year history the company has published dozens of rare pictures from major data centers around the world. Where the Internet Lives is a (color coordinated) glimpse into how Google indexes 20 billion websites, 3 billion daily searches, not to mention the gmail information of 425 million users and this little website called YouTube.

From Wired:

Google sees its network as the ultimate competitive advantage, only critical employees have been permitted even a peek inside, a prohibition that has most certainly included bards. Until now.

The color-coded pipes look like they should run beneath a giant toy store but in reality the blue pipes only carry cold water in and the red transport hot water out to be cooled.

A view from outside the Google Data Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. No word on whether the deer in this picture are really cyborgs fitted with telekinesis.

This shot is from inside the Council Bluffs data center pictured above, exposing the sheer size – and power – of the facility.

Pictured here are the fans that cool the hundreds of servers housed at the data center in Mayes County, Oklahoma. The green lights are reflections of status bars on the servers.

This is where Google’s back up data is stored in the event of some kind of site outage or security breach. It’s basically one massive external hard drive manned by robotic arms (which you can see in the center of the photo). Based on Google’s own description it also sounds like the place where embarrassing search data from, like, the year 2000 is housed.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures from Where the Internet Lives.

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