Media Savvy Oreo Cookie, AMC Theatres Twitter Accounts Goof Off

Earlier this week there was some good old fashioned trolling going on on Twitter between Oreo cookies and AMC movie theatres.  The messages, retweeted hundreds of times by now, show that brands able to use social media come off a lot better in the 21st Century than ones that can’t (i.e. Pizza Hut simultaneously deleting hundreds of @ replies when their pizza is terrible). It’s enough to make you want to crave some cookies and a movie.

Oh, and haven’t you wondered whether the people at the movies knew you were sneaking stuff in? Touche, AMC.

From the blog of AMC’s Twitter manager Shane Adams:

As someone who works on the web and in social media, I’m always looking around at the industry, finding great ideas and best practices, particularly when they pertain to brands. I work for a brand. A pretty big one. And working for a brand, especially in social, requires a certain finesse. You have to encapsulate the voice of the brand and yet it needs to feel appropriate for the channel that you’re on.

One brand that is just way beyond everyone else in terms of engagement and knowing their audience and their brand is Oreo. Not only are these cookies beloved and universally known throughout the world, they have a passionate audience to the tune of over 27 million Likes on Facebook. Part of the reason that they’ve got such great engagement is their Daily Twist campaign like the one below that they shared on Pride Day:

Via Shane Adams and Ad Week

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