Twitter’s #ThisAmericanLifeStories Are Uncomfortably Hilarious

There’s a twitter trend that’s happening RIGHT NOW HURRY UP called #ThisAmericanLifeStories that continues the (hilarious) parodying of the (awesome) public radio show. The skewering of the weekly documentary show that pretty much defines the term “white people problems” began with a 2007 article by The Onion under the headline,

Any athlete, movie star, or media personality that can’t laugh at itself is probably not very good in the first place. This American Life host Ira Glass has previously said that while the poke from The Onion did sting a little bit, it was also just flat out funny.

The show has a particular brand of whimsy that some find annoying but regular When You Put It That Way readers here know how tough it is for this blog to jump on the hate. Some stories on the show are duds, sure, but most of the time the hour long radio show (which consistently ranks at the top of the most downloaded podcasts on iTunes) is the type of content that makes a listener’s commute too short.

#ThisAmericanLifeStories are mock stories that, for the most part, might not sound too out of place on the show. @LizHackett tweeted, “The casual high-five that divided a whole town.” @Kibblesmith said, “Where do lost buttons go? David Sedaris has some theories.” Even comic Patton Oswalt got a few in, the funniest of which was “A Brief history of weary sighs.” Ira would be proud.


Ira Glass’s Commencement Speech

Public Radio is Attracting Younger Listeners

Louis Ortiz, Obama Impersonator

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