Hitler suffered from “uncontrollable flatulence,” cocaine addiction

Last month Hitler’s medical records went up for auction and included in the previously classified documents was testimony from six doctors that the dictator was a cocaine addict, was regularly injected with bull semen, and suffered from “uncontrollable flatulence.” All things considered it’s very difficult to feel bad for the Führer but constantly farting could partly explain why he was so bent out of shape all the time.

The records, once commissioned by the U.S. military, explain that Hitler used cocaine to help with sinus and throat pain. Doctors had to slowly lower the dosage once it was clear he was addicted. He also took up to 28 different medications at once to control his nonstop farting. It’s hard to not laugh when picturing Hitler in a room with Nazi high command plotting global domination all while he blasted away sitting on a wooden chair or something.

The bull semen was injected in hopes of boosting Hitler’s libido (he and lover Eva Braun are known to have slept in different beds) and although there isn’t any evidence the supposedly asexual dictator received any help, there is new evidence he might’ve once farted I mean fathered a love child. What a world.


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2 Responses to Hitler suffered from “uncontrollable flatulence,” cocaine addiction

  1. Wow! Now that’s something I didn’t know… Weird…

  2. Davinder Miglani says:

    strange! very strange private life

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