“Borat” could cost you a year in jail in Kazakhstan

When Borat took over the world in 2006 everyone repeated the jokes and famous “MY WIFE!” so many times that the catchphrases were ruined. Somehow, unlike “I Love Lamp” or “Motorboat,” Borat’s high-pitched accent weathered all the terrible impressions and a full six years later is still funnier than ever. One other thing that’s consistent about the movie is Kazakhstan still hates it.

The Atlantic is reporting that, “…anyone who mistreats or desecrates state symbols, which include the country’s flag as well as its anthem, faces up to a year in jail or a stiff fine…” Sheesh, you’d think that by now they’d be over it, right?

Clearly that’s not the case, mostly because the government of Kazakhastan is having trouble putting the movie behind it. Back in March organizers of the Arab shooting championships played the wrong Kazakhstan anthem when Maria Dmitrienko was awarded the gold medal. That’s right, they played the Borat version which includes lyrics about prostitutes and the line, “Kazakhstan – greatest country in the world, all other countries are run by little girls.”

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1 Response to “Borat” could cost you a year in jail in Kazakhstan

  1. Those people are really hard to understand! A year in jail for making fun of a symbol? Sure the law is the law and values should be respected, but this seem a bit too much! As for the wrong anthem, I really can’t believe it! How could someone do that? :))

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