Lena Dunham’s appearance on “The B.S. Report”

Last night the newest episode of Bill Simmons’ The B.S. Report featured the creator and star of Girls. During her hour on the podcast, Lena Dunham came off like she always does, honest, humble, genuinely funny, and more than anything else, smart. Both Simmons and Dunham have a mutual affection for each other and that admiration was clear through the entire episode. At one point Simmons points out that it’s “…probably the gushiest episode of the podcast.”

It’s hard to see why anyone would be compelled to get online and spew hate about Dunham or Girls at all. As Simmons points out early, anything that’s popular in the age of the Internet will automatically inspire a backlash then a backlash to that backlash. The early criticism of Girls has flat lined probably because the show has proved that it’s just really good. Is it possible the hate watchers were converted?

Dunham said she’s been able to avoid most of the negative feedback by learning to shut out most of the Internet…except Twitter. At only 26, it’s entirely possible she’s the first voice of the next generation of TV. Girls is so popular for the same reason audiences hated it early on, it’s accurate. It’s 2012, people have tough lives but no longer are entire generations lost to Civil War or put right to work in coalmines to support massive families. Fresh college graduates are trying to figure out what’s next in life and, shocker; it’s a naïve period of life. As she makes it clear on the The B.S. Report, Dunham is just being honest.

The B.S. Report with Lena Dunham

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2 Responses to Lena Dunham’s appearance on “The B.S. Report”

  1. As a “real Hannah”, I never expected the show to be factually accurate, but I did hope for more emotional realism. Check out my Dear John Letter for Lena Dunham: http://janetmackenziesmith.com/2012/06/14/dear-john-letter-for-lena-dunham/

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