The Future is Gonna be Awesome: An Early Report from Apple’s WWDC

This week Apple is holding their Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. With tickets priced at $1,599 a pop it’s certainly not an event everyone can afford to attend, yet tickets still sold out in under 2 hours. Today was day one and by the looks of what’s made it to the Internet so far, the next few years are going to be absolutely bonkers for Mac fans.

For starters, developers updated the reading list feature from iOS5 so now when users add an article it will automatically download it so there isn’t an Internet connection required. That’ll be especially useful in the bathroom for long car trips. Apple is also ramping up FaceTime by merging users’ phone number and Apple ID so now when someone calls you with FaceTime, you can answer it with an iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer. Among others things, they’ve also tweaked the silent settings on the iPhone. There’s now a Do Not Disturb feature, which queues calls and texts until a certain time. It’s designed to fix the problem of texts and calls waking people in the middle of the night and the lists of who can/can not reach you during the Do Not Disturb time. Keep in mind this is just the first few hours of the first day. Your move, Microsoft.

To keep up to date with what’s going on at the WWDC follow Wired’s liveblog.


Leaked Footage of the iPhone 5

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