Chuck Klosterman at NYC’s Union Square

A journey deep into the heart of Manhattan to hear one of the generation’s most popular writers discuss his work.

Tonight, author and journalist extraordinaire Chuck Klosterman appeared at the Barnes and Noble in New York City’s Union Square. He showed up to promote the paperback release of his most recent novel, The Visible Man. Book readings have the potential to be incredibly boring. Like, painfully boring. There’s an inherent risk that an author could show up only to bore his/her own fans worse than watching C-SPAN or sitting on a stranded subway car. It might be because The Visible Man is Klosterman’s seventh book but he seemed to recognize there was a capacity present for a catastrophic level of boredom.

He took to the lectern just a few minutes late (apparently due to the good ol’ MTA) in faded jeans and a Big Ten football T-shirt. Fear not Grantland readers, he had also had a Mountain Dew in hand. In that fashion sense, the only thing that separated the now 40-year old writer with the guy readers might picture narrating Fargo Rock City was a bushy reddish graying beard. Klosterman immediately started joking around with the audience, commenting that he walked past a Barnes and Noble shopper wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt who didn’t have any idea who the rock critic turned novelist was.

He only read from The Visible Man for a few minutes, spending around 45 minutes answering every question fans were able to ask. He went into his relationship with Bill Simmons and Grantland, how he got his new job as the New York Times Ethicist, and what’s up with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Klosterman also briefly mentioned his upcoming nonfiction book, which will be about villains in American culture. It’s called I Wear the Black Hat and will be published next year.

Here’s a rough recording of most of the Q&A session that followed his reading:

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