Leaked Footage of the iPhone 5

The fact that there’s a five-minute video buzzing all over the Internet today of someone analyzing what appears to be the frame of an as yet unreleased iPhone 5 is a testament to that products popularity. The video, released yesterday by ETrade Supply, shows the earbud jack has been moved and that the phone appears to be a bit longer than its predecessors, probably to enhance the video viewing experience. Reuters, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal all have reported the iPhone 5 will be bigger than the iPhone 4S.

There hasn’t been any update on the release date of the iPhone 5, just ask any customer waiting for it to drop to take advantage of their Verizon update. Most news outlets speculate that it will be no sooner than September partly so Apple will be able to take advantage of the holiday season. Santa Claus will be thrilled at how easy it will be to think of gifts for so many people.

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