“Comedy Bang Bang” debuts on IFC tonight

After years of cracking up fans with his podcast, Scott Aukerman has taken “Comedy Bang Bang” to IFC. The first episode premieres tonight at 10:00 Eastern.

Most people are probably not going to like the new TV show on IFC, Comedy Bang Bang. It’s like a talk show, but not. There’s no audience in the studio and Aukerman, along with sidekick Reggie Watts, often delve into comedy bits that would never be considered for the Tonight Show, or even Conan. Guests like Seth Rogen, Zach Galafianakis, Amy Poehler, and others show up and play along. It’s dry, surreal, and the stupid kind of funny.

One of the biggest things fans of the podcast will be looking for is how guests like Paul F. Tompkins and Andy Daly translate their wacky characters from behind the microphone to the screen. In an interview with the AV Club this week Aukerman mentioned that Tompkins’ Andrew Lloyd Weber impression will be one of the first recurring podcast characters we see. Apparently the two got into an argument about whether Weber would wear a cape or a goofy sweater, it’s hard to picture that on most TV shows.

On a personal note, it’s officially a bummer that I’m not subscribed to IFC. Along with Bang Bang, IFC has the new game show Bunk, Portlandia, and reruns of The Larry Sanders Show, Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and Arrested Development. That’s a tough lineup to beat.

Now that Comedy Bang Bang has arrived it’s a bit of a surprise that a show like this hasn’t premiered sooner. The late night TV lineup is over saturated but the shows are all very much the same. Topical monologue, sometimes-funny sketch, predictable interviews, and a band or comedian performing to promote something. Jimmy Fallon has come closest to shaking up the tired formula but where he’d play golf with Samuel L. Jackson Comedy Bang Bang would have Patton Oswalt do an impression of Jackson between movies takes or something.


Comedy Bang Bang’s Anniversary Show is an Instant Classic

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