Man does nothing but watch Netflix for an entire month

This blog post will make you feel good about yourself. Mark Malkoff, who previously visited 171 Starbucks in one day and lived in an Ikea for a week, spent one month doing (seemingly) nothing but watch Netflix streaming. By the end he watched 252 movies totaling just over 404 hours, figured out that each movie cost him 3.2 cents to watch, and on the last day watched 17 hours straight.

At first this sounded like the best idea ever but considering Netflix’s sometimes thin streaming selection, by Day 5 I’d probably have slit my wrists. I wanted to be a cynical snark about this guy but when you look at the list of movies he watched, many people have probably seen most of them. He didn’t necessarily watch more than anyone else watches he just concentrated the viewing experience. Malkoff gained 6 pounds during this experiment, no word on whether he had any friends to lose in the first place.

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2 Responses to Man does nothing but watch Netflix for an entire month

  1. Stealing Shade says:

    This made me laugh! I won’t lie, the thought of trying this has occurred to me…

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