Giant Squid Found Off Australian Coast

Thanks to fisherman Al McGlashan, we’re all one-step closer to finding that elusive giant squid. McGlashan was looking for tuna off the coast of New Wales, South Australia when he came across the carcass of a 13-foot squid. It was so big he couldn’t even lift it into his boat. McGlashan did all the hard work but his find benefits all of us as humans because we have a little bit more evidence to study of these terrifying, massive beasts. We need all the help we can get.

For all their strength most squid only live for a year, often killed by sperm whales. There are plenty of stories of squid attacking ships all through history. Sailors from hundreds of years ago even account for these giant beasts taking down their ships, which seems crazy but not especially unlikely when you consider they’ve been found at as big as 46 feet long. Furthermore, 75% of the earth is covered by water and to even wonder about what lurks deep beneath the surface is enough to make you want to move to the middle of the United States.

One of the reasons this is news is because the corpse of a squid is full of meat and McGlashan found this particular one before it was devoured by scavengers. Right as he was filming a shark swam up:

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris briefly had a TV show called First Person. Each episode focused on someone (or something) of special interest. One focused on an eccentric marine biologist who obsessed over finding the largest of all giant squid:

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