“Breaking Bad” Bowling

When the brains behind the Nerdist podcast network started the Nerdist YouTube Channel they consummated the event by starting the All-Star Bowling series. Founder and Nerdist host Chris Hardwick and his pals have bowled with the casts of Mad Men, Mythbusters, and now Breaking Bad. Now before you watch this video, prepare yourself for the image of Walter White and Jess Pinkman actually having a good time. There’s even what appears to be genuine laughter and I know Bryan Cranston played Hal in Malcolm in the Middle but it’s still a bit of a jolt to see him actually bowling with a shaved head and goatee.

To go along with the game of 9-pin Hardwick taped an hour long interview with Aaron Paul, who plays the troubled drug addict Jesse Pinkman. At an hour, the episode is a bit of a slog and focuses more on small talk than anything concrete about Breaking Bad. He does discuss a little bit about being around the set, though, and mentions that the cast keeps the atmosphere loose in between takes. The biggest thing Paul reveals is that the show’s final season (which debuts on July 15) is “…so unbelievably dark.” Considering the depths the show went to last season, this should be a doozy.

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