Jerry Seinfeld, Marc Maron to appear on “Louie” next season

Today has the scoop that Jerry Seinfeld will appear in the upcoming season of Louis CK’s (awesome) show, Louie.  How they got the scoop is almost as good as the news itself. During an interview with about Madagascar 3 Chris Rock picked up a phone call from his buddy Jerry, who wanted to talk about his day on the set of Louie.

Even the mention of the word “Seinfeld,” along with word that WTF host Marc Maron will be on the show, is naturally getting fans ramped up for the third season. There’s no word on what role either of the two will play, although it’s reasonable to guess they’ll play a version of themselves. The AV Club wrote today:

The nature of Seinfeld’s guest role is, of course, similarly unclear, though given Louie’s meta nature, here’s hoping he drops by to gently mock the self-indulgence of a comedian making a loosely autobiographical show about being a comedian.”

The third season of Louie premieres on June 28th on FX.

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