There’s a “Fraggle Rock” movie in the works

Last month we wrote about how the new Muppets movie acted as an inspiration to revisit the older ones from Jim Henson. Welp, apparently we here at WYPITW weren’t the only ones feeling nostalgic as The Hollywood Reporter just published a scoop about the film version of Fraggle Rock coming to fruition. The show, from Henson and company, aired during the ‘80s and was syndicated through the ‘90s. At the time it seemed like the creepy younger cousin of Kermit and Ms. Piggy. The cave the Fraggles lived in seemed like the dark downside of Jim Henson’s weed smoking (he had to, right?). Who knows? We’re just spitballin’ here but the movie really is happening and a Cartoon Network executive who did some voice work on Rango is working on the script with one of the animators from the The Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

I was going to just post a video of the intro but got stuck in the time waste that is YouTube and found a full episode, it was irresistible.

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