“Call Me Maybe” has taken over the world

The grocery store I recently started shopping at plays exclusively Spanish music. I love the maracas and quick tempo, but never understand words beyond the ones that mean “beer,” “love,” or “people.” That’s why when “Call Me Maybe” came on, I stopped in my tracks in the ice cream aisle. That’s when I knew the song, by teenager Carly Rae Jepsen (I feel creepy just typing that), had taken over the world. “Call Me Maybe” is everywhere. People quote it on Twitter, post it on Facebook, and generally just seem to love it un-ironically.

Which brings me to how good the song actually is. It’s not that Justin Bieber-“Baby” nonsense, we’re talking about music here. “Call Me Maybe” might be the best pop song since Britney Spears’ “Sometimes,” even if the music video doesn’t come close to Brit lusting over one of those things where you put in a nickel and can see the nose hair on Mt. Rushmore. “Call Me Maybe” redefines sugary dance pop by bringing using the same format Daft Punk does, leading up to the first drop at about 50 seconds in. Is Carly Rae Jepsen another flash-in-the-pan Hilary Duff? Probably, but she has over 85 million YouTube views and like a ga-zillion iTunes downloads. That and if her song ever came on at a bar, I have to admit I’d be thrilled.

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