@LAKings Makes the Kings Worth Rooting For

The NHL playoffs this season have seen the tides change in terms of what teams are moving on. Not many people expected New Jersey or even Phoenix to make it as far as the conference finals, but the real story of the post season has been the official twitter feed of the Los Angeles Kings. The Internet first went bonkers back in April when the Kings eliminated the universally despised Vancouver Canucks from the first round of the playoffs with this tweet:

Outrage was wide spread, apologies were demanded, blah blah blah. The Kings aren’t taken seriously even in their own market, the local news station used the wrong logo when they were reporting about on a win. It’s hard to not root for them while they stir up the usually uptight sports media.

A few days ago Rainn Wilson, the actor behind The Office’s Dwight Schrute, wondered via Twitter if he should try out hockey by going to a Kings game.

In true Kings’ Twitter fashion, they replied with his tickets in a bowl of jell-o, Jim Halpert would’ve been proud:

The quasi-debate that started after the initial Kings tweet has pretty much died. Everyone must have realized that in a sport where concussions and suicide have been such a strong part of the conversation, tweets just don’t matter that much. But it’s not all that deep. Hopefully other official team twitters realize that fans love this type of stuff and stop trying to be so PC about everything they say. The Kings twitter even chirps other NHL players and fans of other teams, apparently realizing that a game should actually be fun. I can’t wait to see what the people behind this account come up with if the Kings win it all.

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