The actor who played Biff in “Back to the Future” seems like a really nice guy

Back in September of 2011, Tom Wilson, who played Biff in the Back to the Future franchise, appeared on an episode of The Nerdist podcast. The interview show has a different guest on each episode from somewhere in the entertainment industry, and even though Wilson isn’t as well known as other guests like Tina Fey or Conan O’Brien his might’ve been one of the best episodes ever. On it, he reveals how he grew up and got into stand up comedy. An awkward kid who experimented with standup comedy and the tuba, he couldn’t have been more different than bully he played on the screen. Now Wilson performs around the country, hosts his own Big Pop Fun podcast on the Nerdist network, and is an accomplished painter.

Wilson remarked during the hour-long interview that so many fans have approached him over the years that he’s had to invent a timesaver. He started carrying around homemade information cards that have the answers to the questions fans most commonly ask. In a situation where many actors could come off as rude, Wilson seemed to understand that people are excited to see him and give the cards as a courtesy more than a way to blow off fans. Here’s a compilation of Biff’s insults followed by a video of a Wilson performance addressing his fame.

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