Japandroids define the meaning of “Celebration Rock”

On June 5th two shaggy hipsters called the Japandroids will release the most accurately titled album ever, Celebration Rock. They seem like just another name in a long line of Internet buzz-bands but that’d only be half true. They were just another buzz-band back in 2009 when they released their debut album, 2009’s Post-Nothing. But unlike so many of their contemporaries, the Japandroids have proved they can stick around at a time when it’s harder than ever for young bands to cut it. Unfortunately too many artists at a comparable career spot to the Japandroids seem to either improve their sound or make money, it’s rarely both so fast.

Celebration Rock is flat out awesome, and a strong argument against any critics who assume rock music is dead. For pete’s sake, there are songs called “Adrenaline Nightshift” and “Fire’s Highway” on this album. If those titles aren’t right in the vein of balls-to-the-wall rock and roll then nothing is. The music is sloppy, loud, and about drinking and girls. Y’know how when you were younger and liked a song you’d replay it over and over for that best part? Every Japandroids song sounds like a stretched out, best part of a grungy Springsteen song.

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