“Shut Up Little Man!” is a must-see

Shut Up Little Man is a 2011 documentary about two friends who secretly recorded their psychotic, drunken neighbors fighting all the time back at the end of the 1980s. The neighbors, named Peter and Ray, spewed pure hatred at each other after drinking all day and the two friends slowly assemble a massive collection of recordings. The tapes are passed on from one friend to another, slowly making their way all across the country. Eventually, the term “Shut Up Little Man” (a phrase repeated by one of the neighbors while berating his roommate) is being incorporated into comic books and even staged theater productions. All the while, Peter and Ray are clueless and drunk in their apartment still screaming at each other.

From there, the documentary depicts the interest from film studios and the quest to actually find out about who Peter and Ray really are. It goes from a bunch of hilarious audio clips to a depressing story about a group of friends who slowly ruined each other’s lives. The doc also question the ethics behind the secret recordings and how a joke spun totally out of control for these two dudes. Here’s the trailer:


It was released onto DVD in January and just hit Netflix streaming. Find the website and recordings here.

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