Comedy Bang Bang’s anniversary show is an instant classic

Last week’s episode of Comedy Bang Bang was one of the show’s all time greats. The comedy podcast, which is never afraid to delve into the surreal or just plain idiotic, assembled all of its top-notch guests in one episode as a celebration of its three-year anniversary. Hosted by Mr. Show alumni and producer of Between Two Ferns Scott Aukerman, CBB can be hit or miss. The skits can go on too long (Aukerman is notorious for dragging out the details of characters by Paul F. Tompkins or the absolutely hysterical impressionist James Adomian) but the 90-minute anniversary special is the perfect place to start the podcast.

It starts with a cold open by Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins as the Cake Boss from TLC. St. Vincent is the musical guest and even if her songs can be a bit of a snooze it’s impossible to not be charmed when she’s in the company of Zach Galafianakis and Nick Kroll’s Mexican DJ character, El Chupacabra. Another highlight is the Harris’ Foam Corner segment, when Parks and Rec writer Harris Wittels stops by to read some jokes that were just under his standard for his stand up shows. Zach Galafianakis’ advice alone is worth the listen to what’s definitely a classic episode.

Find it here or on iTunes. Seriously, I’ll know if you clicked that link so you better do it. C’mon just click it. Please.

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