MCA’s death is a tough loss for every fan, and everyone is a fan

This might sound cold but when celebrities or artists die I rarely feel any sense of personal loss. I’m sure like most people I’m bummed but it’s not like a personal connection in my own life has broken. That wasn’t the case when I found out Adam “MCA” Yauch from the Beastie Boys had died today. In a time when musicians aim their work towards niche markets, the Beasties are a group that everyone liked. Refusing to stay stagnant after their megahit License to Ill, they redefined themselves on every subsequent album and even if their experiments didn’t always work, they never sucked. MCA’s death is a tough, tough loss.

Obviously, the internet has had a lot to say about this news and there are more than a few links worth checking out.

First, here’s the Twitter search for “MCA.” There are 200 new tweets every 10 or so minutes, and that’s a much slower rate than earlier today.

From Gawker, here’s MCA’s (hysterical) letter to the New York Times after he read a negative review about the video for “Ch-Check It Out.”

Jay-Z’s performance of “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn” from the All Points West Festival when the Beasties had to back out because of Yauch’s health.

Via Grantland, a moving tribute to MCA from Amos Barshad. This one is a must read if you love Hello Nasty.

A full 45-minute Beastie Boys concert from 1999 in Glasgow.

Yauch was a vegan, Buddhist, and the spiritual leader of the Beastie Boys. More importantly, he seemed like a nice guy and one that I feel like I knew because of how much time I spent listening to his albums.

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