Santigold’s “Master of My Make Believe” is a perfect summer album

If 2012 is the last year on earth than we’re going to have a hell of a soundtrack to play us out. Today Santigold released her first album in almost four years to the day, Master of My Make Believe and it’s nothing if not fun. She combines hip-hop, reggae, and plenty of new wave into a 40 minute record that’s designed to dance to. In one of Make Believe’s singles “Big Mouth” she calls out Lady Gaga for stealing her persona by saying, “Ga ga ga, all slightly off / Not me, I’ll take the loss.”

Master of My Make Believe had to have been designed as a summer album. Besides the obvious release date it’s the prototype of a summer album, loud and raucous. It’ll sound great blaring out of even the worst car speakers because of Santigold’s ability to combine the best parts of indie with the driving beat of dubstep and the hooks from new wave.

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