Urban Dictionary Rejects: SAME CAR!


SAME CAR! (verb) [seym] [kahr]

1. Term often yelled by one or more individual(s) while driving and see an identical car as the one the individual is inside.

2. Never not funny.

3. Term can be used even if the car in question is not exactly the same as the initial automobile but the color, year, and aspects are pretty close.

4. Guidelines are subliminally determined by the shouting occupants inside the primary car.


1. “I’m really hungry do you guys want to stop at McD– HEY LOOK SAME CAR!”

2. “I was yelling same car to the person next to me at the light but they just looked at me like I was a psycho.”


Unknown, but probably when cars first started coming off the assembly line because all Model-Ts looked exactly the same.


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