Hey Internet, Let’s Take It Easy On That Jose Buffoon

Jose Canseco has been using his fame to try to get with chicks on Twitter, wouldn’t most people do the same thing?

Former MLB star, housemate on VH1’s The Surreal Life, and tattle-tailer of steroid users Jose Canseco has been making quite the ass of himself on Twitter lately. Basically, the former Oakland A’s slugger has constantly been hitting on girls on the social networking site and sexting as many as he can. The only problem is that now everyone’s paying attention.

It’s tough for me to pile onto the guy. I don’t want to have that kind of blog and I think that it’s just too easy, but more than anything I kind of would just feel cheap. What apparently started as a Twitter feed that spouted inspirational quotes has turned into a vehicle of relationship destruction for the ex-Bash Brother. Word of Jose’s Twitter infidelity (or attempted infidelity) evidently reached his girlfriend, who may or may not have broken up with him over the incident. Is he an oaf? Definitely. And some of the texts are pretty funny. But more often than not its just kind of sad.

Allright, trying to hookup with random chicks over Twitter isn’t exactly a cool thing to do. Part of the reasons sites like Twitter and Facebook survive, though, is because people use them for booty calls. Canseco obviously lacks the self-awareness to realize that people will try to sting him with these types of move, but that doesn’t mean hes not just another one in a million dudes trying to get some.

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