Arrested Development’s Return & Marathon TV Watching

Earlier this week Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz announced that the show is not only coming back to set the stage for a movie, every episode will be released onto Netflix at the same time. That. Is. Awesome. Hurwitz also mentioned that originally the show’s reboot would feature an episode for each individual character so fans could be filled in on what’s been going on with the Bluths since the show ended, but apparently it will now be “…more like the old show again.”

Hurwitz’s update is a big deal for TV nerds. Not only will one of the funniest shows ever officially be back, it shows that Hollywood has noticed that fans have transitioned from watching weekly new episodes in favor of marathon sessions on DVD or, coincidentally, Netflix. The method that started as a necessity for anyone trying to catch up on shows like Breaking Bad or The Wire has taken a deep enough root that now creators are marketing their products to that niche.

Let’s be clear, watching a bunch of episodes in a row of a good show is frickin’ awesome. There are few better ways to spend a weekend than as a total shut-in with the shades drawn and a Parks and Recreation marathon that you only have to pause when the pizza guy rings the doorbell. Is it depressing? Absolutely, but it’s a blast…and there’s no commercials (!!!!!).

The problem with condensing the experience of watching a show on DVDs is when they run out. I caught up on Mad Men and Breaking Bad on DVD but when I was all caught up with the rest of America the week it took for new episodes to come out was a grueling test of endurance. Kind of like a lazy person’s triathlon, if you will.

Another plus in watching these shows back to back (to back to back) is you can keep up with the storylines. While I was watching Walter White plot murders and babysit Jesse on an hour-by-hour basis I never noticed just how complex all their plans were. It might be my short attention span but when I watched seasons four and five as they unfolded on AMC, the LAST WEEK ON BREAKING BAD part actually refreshed my memory quite a bit.

Nowhere is that more true than with Game of Thrones. Being the behind-the-times nerd I am, I caught up with season one after it finished. By season two, though, I was all geared up for more incest and decapitation. While both of those came, the storylines on Thrones can be so complex that I’ve asked myself “Wait, whose brother is that again?” more than once already in just a few episodes.

Whelp sweatpants-wearing TV lovers of America, that won’t happen with Arrested Development when it comes back this fall. It’s time to start working out your remote hand.

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