Happy Titanniversary

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. It sunk from 11:40 pm on April 14th and was totally underwater at 2:20 the following morning. We all know the story but the National Geographic Channel has been broadcasting Titanic 100, a series of retrospective documentaries about potential restoration projects, stories about passengers that died, and new theories on how the ship really sunk.

What’s so interesting about the Titanic is that hundreds of ships sink but none of them seem to have so much back story. Apparently, the thousands of people that jumped into the water all died within minutes of hypothermia and one of the people to go down with the ship was Isidor Straus, the founder of Macy’s. While we’re all learning, there’s a great article on Buzzfeed called “33 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie Titanic.”


Also right on time for the 100th anniversary is pictures of clothing and boots of Titanic passengers on the ocean floor. If those aren’t enough, there are a couple really creepy cruises that trace the path of the Titanic with passengers dressed in the clothing of the day. If that isn’t tempting fate I don’t know what is.

And to cap things off, tweets from people who didn’t know the Titanic was more than a movie:

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One Response to Happy Titanniversary

  1. howie kurtz says:

    I actually had a coworker ask me if it was real or not, I started crying for the stupidity of the question but mostly because I couldn’t stop laughing at him

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