Music from “Doug”

There’s one thing in common everyone who grew up in the ’90s has, an appreciation for the Nickelodeon show Doug (don’t even bring up that Disney nonsense that was on Saturday mornings, talk about a tarnished legacy). In fact, I can safely assume that if I ever meet someone who knows what Doug is and has any kind of complaint about it that will probably be the last conversation I have with them. There was more to the show than Quailman and Doug writing in his journal, though. While I was probably supposed to be something else I got bored jumped onto YouTube. In a jiffy I was watching old music videos by The Beets, the most popular band in Bluffington. Without describing the video chain I went through to get to The Beets (it took a disturbingly short amount of time), I’ll just post a couple of them here. They actually rock pretty hard, “I Need More Allowance” has some killer wah-wah pedal action.

“Killer Tofu”


“I Need More Allowance”


Any post about Doug would be incomplete without that show’s “Stairway to Heaven,” “Bangin’ On A Trash Can.”

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