Rashad Evans’ refusal to sign an autograph and a plea for punching fans

I’d imagine the hardest part of being a pro MMA fighter isn’t being on the receiving end of a barrage of punches in the octagon, but that it’d be not being able to knock out every spastic yokel that thinks their funny. While gearing up for UFC 145 where he’ll try to win back the light heavyweight belt, Rashad Evans was signing pictures of himself for fans. He even had his own pile of pictures but one idiot pushed his luck by asking the potential champ to sign a picture from his own knockout.

Not pretty. Why anyone would try to get a laugh at a professional fighter‘s expense is beyond me but here’s Evans’ reaction:


The guy clearly had planned it all out with his buddy holding the video camera and even shot him a smart ass glance after Evans’ refusal. Why would you do that? Is that the kind of person that anyone would want to hang out with? Of course not and the whole scenario begs a bigger question, why is there less physical violence in our society today?

I can honestly say I wouldn’t have done that to Rashad Evans but if I had, I’d expect a punch. Not only expect, deserve. Instead of laying that guy out, Evans waves him off and smoothly transitions to a smiling picture with the next fan in line. A couple of weeks ago baseball guru Bill James wrote an article about how it used to be acceptable for baseball players to attack fans who’s heckling went over the line. I’m all about it. Fans shouldn’t be able to scream the n-word at players or insult their wives without a reasonable fear of catching one in the mouth. Not only would it shut up people closer to the field, it’d make their insults more creative because along with being obnoxious the fat guy sitting next to you at the Red Sox game just isn’t funny. I hate A-Rod as much as the next guy but should I expect to be able to say something about his wife and not get laid out? No, if I was in a bar I wouldn’t expect that so why is a baseball game okay? It’s like teasing a dog on a leash.

Another recent article about why fans getting beat up is a good thing is Grantland’s oral history of the Pistons/Pacers brawl. It’s still scary to watch the video of Ron Artest jumping into the stands after someone threw a cup of ice at him but the worst part of that video is the guy who ran onto the court escaped that massive punch. You know which punch I’m talking about.


That Judah Freidlander lookalike ran onto an NBA court thinking he could take a cheap shot at someone who’s paid to workout and play sports at a high level. Would it have been so terrible if that giant bodyguard broke that idiot’s jaw? Again, no because reasonable people don’t do that. I’ve been too hundreds of sporting events in my life and can’t remember once thinking, “Jeez, it’d be a real shame if Zdeno Chara somehow got a hold of that drunk bozo who’s been riding him all night. Aw, the poor fan can barely fit into his sweat pants. Please don’t hurt him, Chara. ”

Rashad Evans comes out of this nothing of an incident looking like gold. He won’t be criticized whereas if he did jaw that scrawny fan he’d be raked over the coals and probably kicked out of the MMA. It’s unfortunate because a lot of the time people like that just deserve to get hit.

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