WAHOOO! Mad Men is back tonight!

This blog post is loaded with Spoilers. Honestly, it’s not worth reading if you haven’t got into Mad Men yet and eventually plan to.

The Internet is going bonkers over the return of Mad Men tonight, and rightfully so. It’s the best show on TV and even though it takes place in the ‘60s it’s become a can’t miss part of our culture. Honestly, there are times when it’s difficult to not turn this blog into the musings of a psychotic fan who worships the show.

Don Draper is obviously the main heartthrob of the show. He makes the guys at Sterling Draper Cooper Price just as much as the ladies. Peggy Olsen is the character the show hinges on, though. She started the show as an overweight girl trying to figure out the office politics but has since become the personification of the new generation. Mad Men handled the Kennedy assassination beautifully and now that the ugly contract dispute with AMC is resolved we’ll no doubt see how Vietnam and the counter culture effect our arrogant, selfish heroes. God, I don’t even know how I’m going to sleep at night. Maybe it’ll be easier if I have a cigarette and “something brown” to drink.


If you’ve never noticed, pay attention to how well the show is written tonight. The biggest highlight for me is when Don or Pete Campbell or Sterling have a conversation where their talking about a client, but could just as easily be talking about their personal lives. If you really want to notice the writing quality, watch Mad Men and then turn on those dolts on The Walking Dead.

As for tonight, will we see Don marry Jane? What’s going to happen with Betty? What are the repurcussions of Roger and Joanie’s love child? Will Greg make it through Vietnam? Will Sal ever return? AAHHHHHH it’s been way too long.

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