Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

As young as the podcasting format is it’s already over saturated with comedy shows. They can be funny as they are frustrating because most comics just appear on each other’s shows. Being consistently funny, or honest in an interview setting, is becoming more and more difficult because the element of surprise is already slipping away.

The comedy podcast that’s really separated itself from the pack is Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. The show, hosted by Tom Cavanagh and The State’s Michael Ian Black, is pretty much what the title says. Every episode the two Ed alumni try out a new snack and rate it, usually screaming at each other along the way. Whether they’re talking about Chex Mix or Snickers the food itself doesn’t matter. The hosts improvise ridiculous (and almost always hysterical) scenarios about the origin of the snacks and skewering everything about Hollywood, sports and each other.

Most episodes run just over a half hour and keep it laid back. You won’t find dark soul searching interviews a la WTF with Marc Maron or overlong sketches like sometimes happens on Comedy Bang Bang. Mike and Tom are at their finest on Episode 27: Lorna Doone where they go on for 15 minutes about how renowned Deadwood actor Ian McShane owes Black his career after stealing job after job from the comic. It’s sarcasm at its best, straight faced and downright mean sometimes. They aren’t afraid to go into different accents or rip on each other if a particular bit fails.

Potential Starting Point: “Lorna Doone” is as good as any, but I’d recommend starting with Episode 18: Lay’s Chips. At an hour it’s longer than most, during it they recommend eating BBQ chips blind folded in your underwear and why Lay’s are more like Two and a Half Men than flag burning commies. It’s always goofy and at times funnier than anything else online.

Download it on iTunes or find it here

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